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Moviestarplanet Hack Reviews & Game Tips to Get Famous

MovieStarPlanet is a free game that targets children between the age of 5 and 15. The player gets to pick a movie star, dress the star up, select their hairdo, make movies and chat with them, and sometimes they are using Moviestarplanet Hack as an advantage to the game. The main aim of the game is to get fame and fortune that is done through social interactions, creation of movies and watching movies made by others. Doing so earns you Star coins that you can use to buy supplies for your movies such as costumes and back drops as well as fame points that rises your rank. This game is a fun and engaging game, here are some tips for playing it.

Tips for Better Experience in Playing Moviestarplanet:

  • In real life you need to wear nice clothes to be notice by your crush, the same logic applies to MSP. The hottest you look the more fame you will get.
  • If you want to double you fame and coins farming, you will be needing to upgrade to VIP. You can get allot of VIP friends that can help you along the way.
  • Making short movies is the number 1 necessity in this game because you will earn starcoins and fame if someone watches you short movies.
  • Just like at the tip above you can earn much more starcoins and fame if you make longer movies.
  • After you made movies you need someone to watch it, you can share you videos to you friends and make them watch your video so you can earn.
  • When you asked your friend to watch your video, also asked them for an autograph to receive fame, you will see it in your email if someone gave you an autograph.


Moviestarplanet Important Resources Guide:

Star coins

MovieStarPlanet Star coins are the main currency in this game and you are going to need a lot of them in order to climb up the ladder in this game. You will need to buy costumes for your movie star, props for your movie and many others. But you can use msp cheats to get these.

Logging in at least once a day will help get coins as you will get the chance to spin the bonus wheel every time you long in. once you have earned the coins ensure you collect them all by moving your mouse to each coin. Watching movies made by other players will also get you star coins, ensure you watch to the end and rate it as only then can you earn the coins. Making interactions with other players and getting them to watch your movies also earns you star points, or use a working moviestarplanet hack tool online to make your life easy.
Fame points

MovieStarPlanet fame points is a measurement of the progress made in the game. Earning enough fame points will take you to a higher level as well as give you some game advantages. There are several ways that one can get this fame points.

One way is to make short movies, short movies are easier to watch and when someone watches it you gain fame points. Make as many short movies as possible and ask people to watch it, also share with as many people as possible, the more your movie is watched the more fame points for you. Another way is to ask for autographs in all chat rooms forums as this also gets you fame points. Make sure to have an attractive look and room and an interesting art book as this will attract players towards you. Remain interactive with other players so as to increase your popularity. Doing these will definitely give you a lot of fame points.


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For you to be a MovieStarPlanet VIP, you will need to pay for your preferred VIP package in order to enjoy the many privileges that comes with being VIP (check this steps on becoming a VIP). You can also become free MSP VIP by winning the weekly competition in movie town. And you can also utilize and Moviestarplanet hack tool that can convert your account into Moviestarplanet free VIP. MovieStarPlanet Diamond is a currency is a very powerful currency which is exclusive for VIP players. You can use diamonds to buy your supplies. You can also Exchange diamonds for a free bonus spin to get more star coins. There are many packages in the VIP and therefore you are sure to find one that suits you.

The MovieStarPlanet game is a fun game that pushes kids’ creativity. The above tips will help you enjoy it while winning.



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We embedded a video gameplay below so you can get an idea on how to play the moviestarplanet: